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2022 Internship Positions

Alaskan Bush Internships
Come and learn exactly what it takes to live and thrive in the interior of Alaska. We are building an Alaskan Bush Immersion Program and have projects to get ready for the winter courses. We are cutting trails, repairing structures, building new structures, building a shooting range, and so much more.

Living in the Alaskan Bush is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Everything we do is for the upcoming season. As soon as the river breaks up we are prepping for the next winter. Life here is only as hard as you make it out to be. 

We have a few different internship types. Land work, program prep, client/student support. Inevitably we will be looking for a full time caretaker to live on the property.

Now lets talk about access to the property. Feral Forest Alaska is approx 96 acres surrounded by thousands of square miles of Alaskan bush, based near the transportation hub and village of McGrath. With a population nearly 300 there is a store, post office, fuel depot, and our in-town headquarters the Iditarod Trail Roadhouse. 

Someone that meets the qualifications for an intern position needs to get into McGrath and we will do all the rest of the transportation. Summer months (about 5) will be by river boat and winter months by snow machine or dog sleds.

We ask for a 2 month commitment because it  takes a lot to get someone up here and up to speed on all the logistics.

The summer months are filled with moose, bear, and all kinds of wildlife to include mosquitoes (controlled with deet and head nets). We eat wild foods when available, hunt and fish for our protein. Logging and sawmill work is heavy on the property along with firewood processing.

Fall is about harvesting meat, moose, bear, fish, etc and processing for the winter. Getting ready for trapping season, and closing summer activities.

Winter is warmth and comfort, and with the Bush Immersion Program it's the time to greet students to the land. Training goes through the winter and can be one student or as many as 10. The winter interns will help with courses and maintaining winter needs for all students and lodging. We will also be running a trap line through the winter for furs and food. Processing the hides for clothing is one chore done in a warm cabin. 

All interns will be trained in the skills to live out in the bush. These internships are a work/learning trade with a stipend for spending in the village when we are in town. We are also a non-smoking entity, tobacco or marijuana.

Safety is our number one priority in everything we do. Any safety issues with anyone on the property will end with redirection one time then removal from the property. 

Firearms are a huge part of living in the Alaskan Bush, from bear protection to protein harvesting. Any intern wishing to carry a self protection or hunting firearm must prove safety, knowledge and marksmanship. We will also be training firearms use for Bush Living. We provide USCCA training along with FFA Firearms training.

Skills that will be helpful to be an intern with us, but not all required, are as follows:
-Fire starting in adverse conditions
-Mechanical repair skills
-Power and hand tool use
-Chain saw and logging equipment use
-ATV use and care
-Boat safety and use
-Firearms safety and use
-Construction skills
-Water catchment and processing
-Canning and processing of foods
-First aid

Understand this list would be a mile long if we listed everything that would be good to know. Also the biggest key to being an intern here is the love of raw and wild nature, safety, and the want to do something so very cool that very few people in this world can say they've done.

Live in the Alaskan Bush!

You: Bring yourself with the proper clothing and gear, fun energy and a good attitude. Willingness to work and enjoy the gifts the Alaskan Bush has to offer. Understand safety is number 1, and just have fun.

Feral Forest Alaska: Offer bush transportation from McGrath, Safety training, ATV and boat use and safety, firearms training, tool and equipment training, construction, food harvest and processing, hunting, fishing, and trapping, hide tanning, and so much more. We will offer a safe fun environment, and instruction.

Housing in a cabin, kitchen, wood stove, wood fired sauna, and beautiful views. It is almost impossible to accommodate anything but an omnivore diet. Alaska is a place of heavy protein and fats and very little natural carbs. Berries being the largest carb available. We do supplement from the local grocery.

24 hours of daylight in the summer and 18-20 hrs of darkness in the deep winter and skies filled with Northern Lights

Internship dates: 2022\2023
Summer-June 15th
Fall- August 15th
Winter- December 1st
Multiple interns, up to 3, can be on site at a time.

Understand, almost anyone can do this, it is hard work with great rewards. We are an equal opportunity program and open to anyone. If you are on the fence thinking you can't do this send me a message with a contact number and we can talk.

What I want to see from anyone applying is a letter that explains why they would be a fit for us, what skills they do have, and what skills the crave to learn, and dates of interest. Send to Jon@feralforestalaska .com with FFA Intern in the subject line. 

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